Student Advocacy

The goal of Student Advocacy is to train student leaders and engage young people in school food reform efforts. We do this by employing two strategies:

1. Organizing students for legislative session
Strategy 1 includes tactics we use leading up to and during the legislative session to strengthen student voice calling for reforms including targeting key legislators, the HIDOE administration, and the Board of Education.

2. Build long-term support for student voice in school food
Strategy 2 is a longer-term action plan with the outcome of bringing student voice to the forefront

of all school food discussions in the future. The resources for this strategy are developed by Hawaiʻi-based education experts, in concert with HIDOE educational specialists to ensure approval and adoption. Capacity of teachers is built throughout the series.


Feeding Change – Full Presentation

    Download the slide deck that goes with the video above.

Classroom Resources

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School Lunch Project Part 1
Local vs. Imported: Where does school lunch come from?

School Lunch Project Part 2
Local vs. Imported: Take action!

School Cafeterias: Supportive partnerships

Food Systems in Hawaiʻi: Connecting to and sustaining ʻāina