Māmaki Ola

Māmaki is a Hawaiian endemic plant. Found naturally in mesic forests, it has a valuable niche in Hawaiian ecosystems. For many Native Hawaiians, Māmaki is a revered plant, with significant medicinal and cultural usages.

This Māmaki Ola K-6 curriculum uses Māmaki as a Nature-based Solution to address three very important topics:

1. Hawaiian ecosystems as a model for sustainability and science
2. Healthy beverages: Hawaiian-grown hydration
3. Agriculture-based entrepreneurship (agri-preneurship) models that elevate Hawaiʻi and have an abundance mind-set.

This experiential K-6 curriculum will support Hawaii’s youth for success in several industries, including agriculture, education, health, natural resource management, and agri-preneurship.

This project was made possible by the generous support of Atherton Family Foundation, Kūkiʻo Community Fund, Shaka Tea, Vibrant Hawaiʻi, Kamehameha Schools, and Center for Getting Things Started.

Māmaki farmers who contributed to this curriculum include Wrenn Bunker-Koesters, Grant Ferrier, and Jordan Westerholm. We would like to thank the teacher-authors, Jonathan Kissida, Krystal Kekauoha, Lauren DeMent and Jaime Lewis. We also extend our thanks to the illustrator Helen Tang, who provided the beautiful illustrations and formatting of this eBook. Lastly, we are grateful to Dr. Katie Kamelamela for her cultural perspectives on this very special plant.

Māmaki Ola K-6 Curriculum

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Māmaki Ola Posters

Posters available to download free for educational and classroom use. Each poster is designed to work with the Māmaki Ola curriculum available for download above.

Māmaki Life Cycle Poster

How Plants Arrive Poster

Pulelehua Kamehameha Butterfly Poster

Kilo Poster

Māmaki Recipe Poster