2nd Annual Ground Zero Initiative Design Charrette

Start time 3-29-2019
Finished Time 3-30-2019
Address Starseed Ranch

March 29th- 30th, 2019, Starseed Ranch, Kapaau, Hawai’i, Big Island Hosted by HIPAg

Ground Zero Initiative aims to zero- out festivals by bringing festival producers and directors together to collectively develop a Zero Waste Eco Festival protocol which includes: soil remediation strategies and innovation, modes to steward land and to regenerate the water cycle, and new means of partnering with the transportation sector. Festival personnel then experiment with the protocol in their own context, adapting based on local conditions and nature’s feedback. A long-term goal is to develop and create a Zero Eco Festival certification, after vetting by festival personnel. The ultimate objective of Zero Eco Festival is to develop and steward regional festival grounds for environmental education – places for parties with practices that regenerate and rejuvenate the land, water, and air.

Join visionary sustainability leaders, festival producers, and dreamers to design best- Zero- degree best practices for festivals and events. This two- day intensive is the design space and training ground for leaders in sustainability to implement sustainable, carbon- negative events.

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