Regional Festival Grounds for Cultural Evolution


Ground Zero Initiative is a collaborative effort  between nonprofit, for profit and community based organizations to co-create regenerative economy and culture through customized plans we call  Pathways to Zero. These plans guide and empower festival communities to reduce their climate and ecological impacts to net zero.

These Pathways to Zero then serve as model templates of regenerative economy to be utilized by other communities and serve as an emergent nexus of regenerative culture, thus creating value of and for the regenerative economy.

GZI Zero-Degree Festivals and Venues- Venues for Change:

Festivals and venues in partnership with community, collectively creating and activating climate change mitigation and adaptation solutions. The goals of the project are:

(1) Certifiable demonstrable examples of economy with zero degrees or less of climate change impact; and

(2) Community owned model regenerative festival grounds.

GZI Charette: Charrette /SHəˈret/: a meeting in which all stakeholders in a project attempt to resolve conflicts and map solutions.

Once a year, we hold a gathering of festival producers, organizers, venue purveyors, and other GZI partners sharing lessons learned from their festivals and developing better practices. The goals of the charrette are:

(1) To develop a set of certifiable standards for zero-degree festivals and venues; and

(2) To develop the Ground Zero Network (GZN) into a viable self sustaining network.

Ground Zero Network (GZN):

The collective network of festivals, venues, volunteers, vendors, and community members embodying zero-degree regenerative culture and economy. The goal is a self sustained community led network of individuals and entities embodying and furthering regenerative economy within festival cultures.

Zero-Degree Farm:

We envision regenerative farms that contribute to cooling the planet through practices such as no- till practices, composting, and powering farm vehicle through renewable energy sources. Initially one farm and eventually numerous farms that certifiably model zero degrees or less of climate change impact. The current base partnership is between C4GTS, CarbonBuddy, and HIPag. The current goal is to pilot a program on one farm from which to create better practices before scaling to others. This project is currently under development.

Our past partners have included:

MAnaFest Hawaii 

Be the Change Charities


HIP Ag and ‘Aina Fest

Thrive Festival

Uncle’s Awa Club

Pedal Power Music

Pedal Power Hawaii 


Organic Compound

HFUU Puna Chapter